Will thermogenic supplement cause you fail a drug test?

Some supplements contain illegal substance . What about thermogenic supplement? Can thermogenic supplement make you fail a drug test?

What is a drug test?

Companies usually require a drug test for their applicants (prospective employees). If applicants are failed in a drug test of a company, that means they also fail to work in the company.

This drug test is very important to ensure the applicants do not take illegal drugs that can harm themselves and others.

Companies need employees who are healthy physically and psychologically to work optimally for them.

Illegal substances.

There are many illegal substances. Some of them are amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, opiates and opioids. They are all drugs banned not only in the USA, but in almost all countries.

One of the drugs – amphetamine, is unfortunately used by many supplement manufacturers as an ingredient for thermogenic pills.

Amphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant that is used in the treatment of obesity. However, this substance has been proven dangerous to human.

Therefore, the use of amphetamine in any supplements is basically illegal.

Will thermogenic supplement cause you fail a drug test?

If you take a thermogenic supplement containing amphetamine, you will possibly fail a drug test.

Thermogenic supplement with ephedra can also make you failed in a drug test. Why? The reason, ephedra is also a strong stimulant that affects central nervous system, it works in the same way as amphetamine.

An ephedra user may be detected as an amphetamine user in a drug test.


Lots of thermogenic supplements are available on the market, but only few of them have FDA approval or are discontinued due to severe side effects.

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