Why is phentermine more effective for men?

Phentermine is a generic weight loss drug for men and women. However, there are some key differences between men and women related to the use of Phentermine.

Men can lose weight faster.

Phentermine weight loss drug is administered to men and women for obesity treatment. However, the results of medicamental anti-obesity therapy in men are different from the results in women. Men taking Phentermine can lose extra body weight much faster than women can.

Nutritionists believe that the reason of a rapid weight loss in men taking Phentermine is that male and female metabolism is different. In women, the size of fatty cell is bigger than in men. Therefore, men and women have different weight loss process and results.

Phentermine is more effective for men.

There are larger amount of fat-formation substances in the female body. In the male body, the number of fat-enzymes is predominant. That is why, during the therapy with Phentermine slimming pills, men get effective fat burn much faster than women do.

Another reason why women lose weight by means of Phentermine drug much slower than men is female hormone estrogen. This hormone activates lipogenetic enzymes and slows down lipolytic enzymes, resulting in weight loss.

Male side effects.

Phentermine users – both men and women – usually experience at least one side effect while taking the medication. These reactions range from relatively mild to very severe. While dry mouth (xerostomia) is the most commonly reported side effect, men may be more worried about other problems.

For example, one of the most potentially troublesome side effects for men is phentermine’s effect on their sex lives. The FDA’s list of common side effects for phentermine includes two relevant reactions: change in sexual desire and sexual impotence (erectile dysfunction).

Some men also describe increased frequency and decreased volume in urination while taking phentermine. This problem appears to diminish with continued use of the medication, and should resolve itself after finishing the prescription.

Lifestyle modifications – like proper hydration, healthy diet, and regular exercise – can help lessen these side effects.

However, if the potential reactions seem too harsh (or won’t go away), you may want to consider Phen375. This supplement is a natural alternative to prescription phentermine that helps suppress appetite, boosts energy and loses weight, without the unwanted side effects.

Phen375 contains proven and high quality ingredients approved by the FDA. This product can work very effectively not only in men, but also in women.