Use konjac root for quick weight loss

One of the best supplement products for quick weight loss on the market today is called glucomannan, but it is more commonly known as konjac root.

Most weight loss supplements only work for a small percentage of the people that use them. But the one we are going to talk about today really stands out for the wide range of people it helps. It is called glucomannan, or konjac root, and is a type of soluble fiber.

Konjac root and health.

Konjac root is a source of soluble fiber called glucomannan, which is found in a number of weight-loss products and the substance that’s supposed to help you drop pounds.

Glucomannan works by absorbing water in the stomach, forming a thick, viscous gel, which delays digestion to help keep you feeling full longer. It may also help prevent the absorption of carbohydrates.

Research on konjac root for quick weight loss.

A study was performed in 20 obese individuals. They were instructed to take glucomannan supplement made from konjac root. The group took 1g of glucomannan, three times per day, 1 hour before each meal. They lost 5.5lbs (2,5kg) in a period of 8 weeks. That is so quick!

Another study with 200 overweight or obese individuals found that glucomannan led to weight loss of 12 pounds (4,5kg) in a period of 16 weeks.

There have been a few other studies that show similar results, where taking glucomannan results in significant and quick weight loss for overweight individuals.

Konjac root is better than oats.

Konjac root or glucomannan also helps lower cholesterol levels and aids in blood sugar control, helping keeping it steady and preventing glucose spikes after eating. The gelling action of the fiber may be responsible for the effects on cholesterol and blood sugar, according to a study from 2000 published in Diabetes Care. The researchers report that the fiber in konjac root helped lower cholesterol better than fiber in oats or psyllium.

Losing weight was never quick and easy. Serious hunger pangs could make it very difficult to cut down calories. However, with the help of GlucomannanPlus, a two-pronged benefit can be gained. The supplement aids in suppressing the appetite and also cleansing the colon. GlucomannanPlus now has made losing weight to be quick and easy.