Thermogenic supplement and kidney problems

Thermogenic supplement can result in rapid weight loss. However, some thermogenic supplements are very unsafe and have been linked to kidney problems.

If you’re trying to lose weight, or have been attempting to do so for some time without success, thermogenic supplement can be the answer to your problem.

However, few thermogenic supplements are backed by clinical research. Often the supplements that come with the most extravagant promises are those that cause the most pronounced health complications.

Out of all of the organs and body systems affected by supplement, the effects on the kidneys are the most detrimental.

Thermogenic supplements and their negative effects to kidney.

Ephedra was once a common ingredient in thermogenic supplements because it increases your metabolic rate and causes you to burn more calories than you otherwise would.

However, among the side effects of ephedra, it’s known to cause kidney stones. Because it’s been shown to be dangerous, it’s been banned in the United States.

Unfortunately for dieters, manufacturers of supplements work hard to find ways to modify molecules like ephedra, producing similar — but not yet banned — molecules with similar effects, and similar side effects.

Meanwhile, the other manufacturers still use ephedra in their products but this banned ingredient is not listed on the package, so buyers will not know they are illegal. Thermogenic supplements with ephedra are usually only sold online or in black market.

Prescription drug.

Thermogenic supplements containing prescription drugs also have the potential to cause kidney damage.
Although the drugs might be approved by the FDA, they cannot be considered safe, especially if taken daily in a long term.

Thermogenic supplements with natural ingredients.

Fortunately, thermogenic supplements with natural ingredients have come on the market. Although they do not contain illegal ingredients and prescription drugs, but some of them are proven effective to work.

Adiphene is an example of thermogenic supplement with natural ingredients.

There are even 12 natural ingredients in Adiphene. They include bitter orange, chromium picolinate, guarana extract, ginseng panax root, cacao extract, cayenne, cinnamon, l-carnitine, Vitamin B6, ginger root extract, glucomannan and chitosan extract.

The combination of 12 ingredients yields a great formula for overcoming fat in 5 ways.

Adiphene promises quick and safe weight loss, at the same time it also provides other health benefits, such as increased stamina, strengthened physical body, enhanced libido and even normal blood sugar levels.