Studies involving glucomannan and diabetes.

There are more than 20 scientific studies involving glucomannan and diabetes. Most of the studies conclude that glucomannan can help people with diabetes.

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber. It is usually made from the root of the konjac plant. Glucommanan powder, capsules, and tablets are used as medicine.

Orally, glucomannan is used for constipation, weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol, overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), high blood pressure, and stomach conditions called dumping syndrome and functional gastrointestinal disorder.

Glucomannan for diabetes.

One of the ways glucomannan can help diabetics is because it delays the stomach’s natural emptying process, which leads to more gradual sugar absorption and lower blood sugar levels after meals.

Glucomannan dissolves in water and forms a gel. It has greater gel volume and viscosity properties compared to other soluble fibers like guar gum and pectin. Therefore, glucomannan can be used at lower doses to effectively control glucose and insulin surges.

Studies on glucomannan and diabetes.

A study published in Diabetes Care showed very positive effects of glucomannan. The study subjects, who were being treated conventionally with a low-fat diet and drug therapy, were given biscuits enriched with glucomannan.

The researchers concluded that the addition of glucomannan to conventional treatment may improve blood sugar control, blood lipid profile as well as systolic blood pressure in high-risk diabetic patients. In turn, they believe glucomannan can improve the effectiveness of conventional type 2 diabetes treatment.

Another study gave 72 type II diabetic subjects konjac food for 65 days. It was concluded that konjac food is very useful in the prevention and treatment of high blood sugar. High blood sugar commonly affects diabetics. It’s a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose (sugar) circulates in the blood.

The conclusion.

Overall, taking glucomannan by mouth or including it in your diet may help to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels and blood pressure in people with diabetes, which is why it should be part of a healthy diabetic diet plan.

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