Særlige grunde til mænd til at tage resveratrol

Resveratrol er ikke bare en sundheds-supplement. Der er særlige grunde til mænd, hvorfor de har brug for at tage resveratrol.

Resveratrol: kraftcenter antioxidant, som findes i rødvin.

Undersøgelser har knyttet resveratrol til mange sundhedsmæssige fordele, herunder anti-aging, diabetes beskyttelse, og nedsat risiko for fedme.

Beviser tyder resveratrol kan også hæve testosteron samtidig forhindre aromatisering af testosteron til østrogen.

Resveratrol har selv stor potens til at øge fedtforbrændingen og samtidig forhindre muskel katabolisme.

Andre gode nyheder, er resveratrol anses for meget sikkert, med ingen kendte alvorlige bivirkninger.

Resveratrol gør mænd mere fit.

Undersøgelser finder, at resveratrol kan gøre mænd mere fit. Resveratrol gør dig til at ligne en uddannet atlet uden særlig uddannelse.

Some medical doctors even say that resveratrol supplement is a sort of “fountain of youth”.

Why is resveratrol recommended for men?

There are several reasons why resveratrol is very recommended for all men:

1. Resveratrol boosts testosterone. Testosterone is the king of anabolic hormones. In men, Testosterone promotes muscle growth, bone health, and improves your overall health and wellbeing.

According to studies, blood testosterone concentration can improve by more than 50% after a 28-day period of resveratrol consumption.

2. Resveratrol builds muscle. For men who are always on the watch for new ways to build muscle and burn fat, they should consider adding resveratrol to their daily supplement regimen.

Not only does research show that resveratrol prevents muscle catabolism, it also increases basal metabolic rate through enhanced skeletal-muscle fat oxidation. This indicates a potential fat-burning effect.

Furthermore, resveratrol can also make you stronger, as it’s been shown to improve muscle force by increasing twitch and tetany in skeletal muscle.

3. Resveratrol enhances sharpness. Want to get a mental edge? One way is through increased blood flow to your brain.

Researchers discovered that men consuming resveratrol supplement have better memory function and overall increased mental performance.

Resveratrol500mg: the best a man can get.

Resveratrol500mg is the best product every man can get. Each capsule contains a high dose of 500mg of potent resveratrol to help men achieve excellent physical condition.

There is an ultra-advanced formula in Resveratrol500mg. After consumed, the formula will fight free radicals continuously for 4 hours.

By taking Resveratrol500mg daily, a man can have a physical body in the most excellent and healthiest condition.