Resveratrol supplement dat werkt om veroudering te vertragen

Vele studies hebben aangetoond dat resveratrol supplement werkt om veroudering te vertragen. Als u op zoek bent naar een product om uw jeugdige uitstraling te behouden, overwegen resveratrol!

Resveratrol wordt steeds vaker aangeprezen als gezondheid elixir. In feite, beweerde gezondheid ingrediënt rode wijn, resveratrol is nu beschikbaar in de vorm van dagelijkse supplementen voor bevordering van de gezondheid en levensduur.

Op basis van studies, is gebleken dat een van de belangrijkste toepassingen van resveratrol is het vertragen van de progressie van het ouder worden.

Daarbij, het helpen van mensen te behouden of terug te krijgen hun jeugdige uitstraling.

Resveratrol voor rimpels.

The antioxidant ability of resveratrol is known to be both potent and efficient. In fact, it has been shown to be greater than that of vitamins E and C. One study demonstrated that resveratrol was 95% efficient at preventing lipid peroxidation, compared to 65% for vitamin E and 37% for vitamin C.

In a recent study, the antioxidant strength of 1% resveratrol was compared to that of 1% idebenone. Idebenone is a powerful pharmaceutical antioxidant. Its benefits include shielding the skin from environmental damage, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dryness, and smoothing skin texture.

The results of the study revealed that resveratrol had a stunning 17-fold greater antioxidant capacity than idebenone!

What resveratrol supplement that really works to delay aging?

Increasing the consumption of foods that contain high amounts of resveratrol is one way to delay aging. You will need about 500mg of resveratrol daily to get the anti aging benefits.

But it is very hard to get the 500mg dosage from food alone. This may require you to drink more than 100 glasses of red wine every day. Fortunately, Resveratrol500mg has come as a supplement in capsule form.

Each capsule of Resveratrol500mg already contains 500mg recommended dosage of resveratrol. So, you will only need to take one capsule daily. It’s very practical, easy and efficient.

With resveratrol, we hope you can always enjoy a healthy and happy life!