rejenerasyon için kolajen takviye almak için yer Güvenilir

rejenerasyon için kolajen takviye almak için güvenilir bir yer alın. Bu makale iyi ek almaya götürecektir.

Kıkırdak önemli ama eğilimli vücut parçaları olduğunu. güvende kıkırdak tutmak için kolajen tüketirler. kollajen güvenli kıkırdağı tutabilir neden bu madde size söyleyecektir. Kolajen vücutta en bol proteindir. Bu cilt, saç, tırnak, kemik, tendon, eklem ve kıkırdak birincil yapı taşıdır. Bu arada vücudu tutan tutkal olarak kabul edilir.

Kıkırdak ve fonksiyonu

Cartilage is a resilient and smooth elastic tissue; rubber-like padding that covers and protects the ends of long bones at the joints, and is a structural component of the rib cage, the ear, the nose, the bronchial tubes, the intervertebral discs, and many other body components. It is not as hard and rigid as bone, but it is stiffer and less flexible than muscle.

The mechanical properties of articular cartilage in load bearing joints such as knee and hip have been studied extensively at macro, micro, and Nanoscales. These mechanical properties include the response of cartilage in frictional, compressive, shear and tensile loading. Cartilage is resilient and displays viscoelastic properties.

Cartilage has limited repair capabilities: Because chondrocytes are bound in lacunae, they cannot migrate to damaged areas. Therefore, cartilage damage is difficult to heal. Also, because hyaline cartilage does not have a blood supply, the deposition of the new matrix is slow. Damaged hyaline cartilage is usually replaced by fibrocartilage scar tissue. Over the last years, surgeons and scientists have elaborated a series of cartilage repair procedures that help to postpone the need for joint replacement.

How collagen can keep cartilage health

In addition to being a key component of cartilage, the protein collagen is also found in the skin and tendons. ProtocolCollagen provides cartilage with its strength and creates a framework that houses the other components of cartilage.

The claim that collagen can stimulate the growth of new cartilage in joints is borne out by recent medical studies which say that patients with arthritic or damaged joints showed improvement in mobility and pain relief when taking the supplement.

A laboratory study has also shown that collagen can stimulate the growth of new cartilage tissue. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body at about 33 per cent. It is present in bones, joints, muscle and other connective tissue. Scientists believe that in some people, particularly the elderly, its production slows down or stops.

Supplements seem to perform the same role as natural collagen in keeping the tissue in joints healthy and supple.

Dr. Stefan Oesser, of at Kiel University in Germany, published research which demonstrated that by adding collagen to cartilage tissue, it was possible to encourage extra cells to grow.

This is the first time anyone has demonstrated that collagen has this effect on cartilage and backs up anecdotal evidence and patient trials, he says.

We are still trying to unravel why collagen works this way. That might be difficult to establish because there is a series of complex interactions. But we have at last established that it happens.

Research two years ago by Roland Moskowitz, a professor of orthopedics at Case Western University in America, looked at 400 patients with arthritic knees from the U.S., Britain, and Germany. Some got a placebo while others were treated with collagen.

The latter group showed a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in joint mobility, with 93 per cent achieving positive results, some after only two weeks.

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