¿Qué tan rápido se puede lograr la pérdida de peso con la fentermina?

Como líder de la píldora de dieta de prescripción en los EE.UU., la fentermina es la clave para la pérdida de peso rápida. Pero, lo rápido que se puede lograr la pérdida de peso con Phentermin?

información fentermina.

La fentermina es un fármaco anorexígeno poderosa que disminuye el apetito y acelera el metabolismo. La eficacia de la fentermina píldoras de pérdida de peso se ha demostrado en los ensayos clínicos también después de décadas de uso exitoso de este fármaco en el tratamiento de la obesidad.

¿Qué tan rápido para lograr la pérdida de peso con la fentermina?

Las píldoras de pérdida de peso de fentermina se recomiendan como un uso a corto plazo, no más de 12 semanas. Por lo tanto, si todo va normal, la pérdida de peso debe ocurrir durante este período.

Eso es tan rápido! Pero, ¿cuántas libras? Algunos usuarios informaron de que son capaces de bajar de peso de hasta 40 libras en 12 semanas.

Within the first four weeks, their have already lost 10lbs. But in the next process, the weight loss rate slows down and at the end of Phentermine prescription, they finally reach total weight loss of 40lbs.

Each body is unique.

Each body, however, is unique and may react differently to the Phentermine. Even when using the same dosage of Phentermine, weight loss rate differs in different people. The rate of weight loss depends on two factors:

  • The body’s reaction to Phentermine.
  • The individual’s desire to lose weight.
  • The integration of healthy diet and exercise.

What to expect from Phentermine.

One concern for those taking phentermine, is that due to the limited amount of time (typically 12 weeks) that phentermine is prescribed, there is an urgency to lose as much weight as possible during this time.

However, this is not the intended use of phentermine, as rapid weight loss is neither healthy nor sustainable. Depending on your lifestyle prior to taking phentermine and the changes you make once you start, such as if you greatly increase your water intake, it is often possible to lose several pounds in the first week as your body sheds water weight.

However, the recommended weekly rate of weight loss is one to two pounds; this rate ensures that your body is losing fat and not precious muscle, which your body needs to retain in order to assist with fat burning, and it is a rate which is achievable in the long term once your phentermine prescription has finished.

Furthermore, unrealistic expectations can lead to feelings of failure and more chance of giving up if those taking phentermine fail to appreciate that smaller weekly losses are healthier and are more likely to add up to big total losses.

Although having powerful effects, Phentermine does not always work for everyone. If you can’t be ready to accept the possible reality of not getting significant weight loss at the end of Phentermine prescription, then just use another weight loss pill that won’t involve you in tension.

We recommend Phen375 as a great alternative to Phentermine. Phen375 is a high quality weight loss supplement you can use without prescription. Phen375 is able to result in weight loss without side effects; you are even allowed to use it in a long term.

All the ingredients in Phen375 have been approved by the FDA and they are proven safe as well as natural. With Phen375, you can lose weight in a more convenient way, but do not forget to integrate healthy diet and routine exercise.