Phentermine può essere prescritto per adolescenti?

C’è una crescita dinamica di obesità adolescenziale negli Stati Uniti. Quando un adolescente non è in grado di perdere peso facilmente, può essere prescritto fentermina per lui o lei?

epidemia di obesità globale colpisce tutte le regioni degli Stati Uniti e anche in altri paesi. Molti adolescenti, che vivono all’interno degli Stati Uniti, vengono diagnosticati sovrappeso. Alcuni di loro soffrono di obesità.

Crescente numero di adolescenti obesi è legata non solo a fattori genetici, ma anche per:

  • attività fisica insufficiente.
  • dieta impropria e mangiare irregolare.

Moderni bambini americani passano troppo tempo al computer e la TV. Tempo al computer viene speso per sia intrattenimento e l’educazione. In stile di vita sedentario, anche la dieta più sana può causare alterazioni del metabolismo, aumento di peso e l’obesità.

Phentermine può essere prescritto per adolescenti obesi e in sovrappeso?

If the teen is very difficult to stick to a healthy diet, doctor can prescribe him or her an anorexigenic drug Phentermine, which suppresses appetite and helps to increase the metabolic rate.

The advantage of Phentermine over the other weight loss products is that it helps to become slimmer within just 1-3 months. Many other weight loss drugs are used for a long-term weight management within 1-2 years.

Despite the fact that Phentermine can cause severe side effects, some physicians prescribe this drug to thousands of teenagers every year. Usually, Phentermine prescription is issued to those teenagers, whose health is at great risk because of excessive weight.

In the USA, Phentermine can be prescribed to teenagers over 16 years old only. Teens younger than 16 have not participated in clinical trials of Phentermine. If a teenager was diagnosed obesity and some other disease, he or she should use Phentermine only under the supervision of a doctor.

How long teenagers can take Phentermine?

Regardless of obesity severity, a teenager should not take Phentermine more than three months. If three months after the therapy with Phentermine, a teenager did not get much weight loss, some other methods of teenage obesity treatment must be discussed with the doctor.

A better weight loss pill for teen.

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Most of the teenagers have lost about 20 pounds in a month’s time i.e. about 3 to 5 pounds in a week. Majority of the Phen375 reviews determine it as an efficient weight loss pill that can maintain the energy levels throughout.

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