Naturlig thermogenic mat för viktminskning

Om du menar allvar med att gå ner i kroppsvikt, måste du öka din kroppens ämnesomsättning. Och du kan göra detta med konsumtion av naturliga termogena livsmedel.

Metabolism är en knepig sak.

Metabolism är kroppens sätt att härleda energi från maten du äter – inträffar vid olika hastigheter i olika människor har olika nivåer av effektivitet och kräver olika mängder energi.

Med andra ord, din individuella kroppen, maten du metaboliserar, tillsammans med andra variabler påverkar hur du bearbetar livsmedel och drycker som du förbrukar.

Faktum är att vissa livsmedel kräver mer energi än andra för att metaboliseras. Bearbeta mat du äter bränner kalorier (win-win, eller hur?). Livsmedel som kräver mer energi att bränna än andra kallas termogena.

Naturlig thermogenic mat.

What foods should you be eating in order to maximize your metabolism? You may try these natural thermogenic foods:

  • Oatmeal. A high-protein grain, oatmeal’s protein content makes it thermogenic. It’s also high in dietary fiber, which can minimize blood sugar spikes while promoting healthy nutrient absorption and digestion.
  • Ginger. Ginger can stimulate metabolism because of its spicy content. It can also increase circulation and expand the blood vessels.
  • Green tea. Green tea just may be the world’s healthiest drink. Its caffeine content boosts heart rate and metabolism, and its polyphenols are also known to be thermogenic.
  • Garlic. Like ginger, garlic has fat-burning properties. It also regulates insulin production, helping to control blood sugar levels.
  • Chili powder. Because spicy foods boost the metabolism, it can’t hurt to sprinkle chili powder on your meals.

Unfortunately, not all natural thermogenic foods are practical for daily consumption. A few of them are not even delicious.

If you want a practical choice to promote the process of thermogenesis, just take PhenQ!

PhenQ contains natural ingredients that strongly support weight loss. One of the ingredients is caffeine which allows your body to boost up the metabolism.

Each PhenQ bottle contains 60 pills and the user just needs to take two capsules per day with a glass of water. It is advised that users take one in the morning with breakfast and the second one around lunchtime. Very practical!