It is always better to take glucomannan on an empty stomach

The best way to lose weight is by taking glucomannan on an empty stomach, so it can fill up your stomach before you eat and therefore make you want to eat less.

Glucomannan is dietary fiber supplement.

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and is taken from the Asiatic plant Konjac. It is found in some foods as a thickener, but only recently scientists have begun to realize that it can have remarkable weight loss properties.

Like other forms of dietary fiber, glucomannan is considered a “bulk-forming laxative.” Glucomannan promotes a larger, bulkier stool that passes through the colon more easily and requires less pressure-and subsequently less straining-to expel.

How can glucomannan help weight loss?

After consumed, glucomannan works in two ways: by slowing digestion and slowing down glucose absorption in the intestines. Another way it can help weight loss is because it absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and thus swells up in your stomach which makes you feel full.

Glucomannan does work for weight loss because it is known to help reduce hunger and keep you feeling full all day long. The fiber is great to include in your diet because it also helps you to avoid constipation and is thought to reduce levels of cholesterol.

Why you need to take glucomannan on empty stomach?

Glucomannan generally comes in powder form. It is available from a variety of resellers, but it’s not exactly cheap, at around $18 USD/500 grams. There are also tablets that contain glucomannan.

You can also find glucomannan in some foods like shirataki noodles, which you can find in Asian grocery stores, can be used in traditional East Asian dishes or as a pasta substitute. You may also try the konjac gel (cut it up into little pieces and serve with dipping sauce), but it can be an acquired taste/texture.

Whatever the form of glucomannan you choose, it won’t be problem. But as we have said earlier, it is good to take glucomannan on an empty stomach so it can result in physical fullness and improve satiety, influencing you to eat less.

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