Is glucomannan safe during pregnancy?

Glucomannan powder and capsules are safe for most adults and even children. The question, is glucomannan safe during pregnancy?

Why people love glucomannan?

There are so many reasons to love glucomannan. It is a source of soluble fiber that absorbs several times its weight in water and forms a gel in the stomach creating a feeling of fullness. This is of course a boon for those with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions as it slashes the rise of blood sugar in half and allows for a slower, safer release of carbohydrates.

Glucomannan keeps fasting blood glucose levels stable. A study conducted on diabetic patients who were given glucomannan for 90 days showed a drop in their fasting glucose levels by an average of 29%.

Glucomannan is also effective for constipation and high cholesterol. Taking glucomannan by mouth can relieve constipation in adults and children. It also improves cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol.

Is glucomannan safe during pregnancy?

Do not be afraid of consuming glucomannan while pregnant or nursing. Konjac root is a traditional food in japan and is used in their daily diet. In Japan, it is not considered as a drug or an herb but just an everyday food.

If pregnant, use common sense by not replacing other important and needed healthy higher caloric foods and snacks with glucomannan all the time. Incorporate a healthy balance of snacks and nutritionally concentrated foods like avacados, coconut and its raw oil, cultured dairy, seeds, whole eggs as well as lighter fare like glucomannan foods.

You may use glucomannan snacks to curb your tendency to overdo food especially in the late afternoon and evening hours. A woman consumed lots of glucomannan foods in her last pregnancy. She had a very healthy pregnancy and her baby is absolutely thriving. Her milk supply is still flourishing six months after her birth.


Although glucomannan is considered safe for use in pregnant women, but it is always a good idea to ask your healthcare provider before taking any supplement. You and your healthcare provider can consider the possible risks and benefits of using glucomannan in your particular situation.

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