Fett bindemiddel mening er mer enn bare kitosan

Fat bindemidler er lipofile, noe som betyr at de tiltrekker seg fett molekyler, og klamrer seg til dem før du får absorbert av kroppen.

Fat bindemidler er vekttap produkter (som regel i en form av piller) som fungerer ved å binde seg til fett molekyler som stammer fra dietten og hindrer absorpsjon av kroppen. Så i utgangspunktet er fett bindemidler formulert for å redusere fettinntaket fra dine daglige måltider.

Hvor fett bindemiddel verk?

Fat bindemidler bør tas før hvert måltid som de er effektive så snart noen har spist og arbeide for å full effekt rett etter mat. Så snart noen bruker mat, vil fettet permer umiddelbart handle på fettmolekylene i maten.

Når noen har spist et måltid, maten går inn magen og begynner å bli brutt ned og deretter fett frigis. Når fettet bindemiddel tas, går den inn i magen og binder fett, danner dette fettfiber komplekser.

Maten går deretter magesekken til tynntarmen, men noen av de fettfiber komplekser er for store til å bli absorbert av tynntarmen. Dette resulterer i unabsorbed fett forlater kroppen naturlig gjennom urin, som blir kvitt noen av fett før de har blitt absorbert av kroppen.

Fats contain the most calories per grams compared to other food groups such as carbohydrates and proteins. Fat are also very popular in most meals consumed and can be concentrated in fast food and junk food therefore giving them more calories. Consequently by taking a fat binding supplement it could be an effective weight loss method to limit the intake of fat.

Benefits of using a fat binder.

Aside from binding or blocking fats from your meals that leads to weight loss, there are other benefits that you can get from these products. Consider the following health benefit claims of most fat binder brands.

  • Prevents emotional eating (often seen in obese individuals).
  • Increases the chances of success of your dieting program.
  • Helps curb appetite (appetite suppression).
  • Fasten up weight loss.
  • Reduction in bad cholesterol.
  • Increases your good cholesterol.
  • Promotes wound healing (not all fat binders claim this).
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Good for cardiovascular health (fat control).

Fat binder meaning is more than just chitosan.

Most fat binder products contain chitosan as the main ingredient. Chitosan is a form of soluble fiber that is extracted from the exoskeletons of certain species of deep-sea crustacean, including crabs and shrimps.

It can also be sourced from some forms of fungi, and fungal-based chitosan offers the advantage of being suitable for people who are allergic to seafood and therefore cannot tolerate the more traditional form.

However, of course, fat binders are constructed of more than just chitosan. They also contain some other beneficial ingredients, so they can offer many health benefits other than weight loss.

Recommended fat binder.

Proactol XS is one of the bestselling and proven effective fat binder in the weight loss industry. You will never use your old supplement once you tried Proactol XS for your diet program.

There are two unique features of Proactol XS, which we have pretty much covered already.

  • First, it has been shown to be 33% more effective than other fat binders.
  • Second, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, while many other fat binders and supplements are not.

Losing weight can be hard. Proactol XS is a fat binder that works to help stop the absorption of fat and promote weight loss in a few different ways, which is ultimately why we are recommending this product.