Dieta sanatoasa cu supliment metabolismul stimularea

Puteți obține o pierdere în greutate mai rapid prin integrarea metabolismului stimularea supliment cu dieta sanatoasa. Asta e chiar o combinație perfectă pentru o sănătate excelentă.

Deși există mai multe suplimente de stimulare a metabolismului pe piață, doar câteva ingrediente au cercetarea de sprijin pentru a susține afirmațiile lor. Alegeți suplimente care conțin unul sau mai multe ingrediente garantate cu dovezi, cum ar fi cafeina plus acid clorogenic, EGCG sau capsaicină.

Unele substanțe, cu toate acestea, că metabolismul impuls ar putea avea doar un mic efect asupra pierderii în greutate totală până la moderată. Singura modalitate de a garanta rezultate este de a avea dieta sanatoasa.

Cum de a schimba metabolismul cu dieta?

First of all, drop the idea that eating slows your metabolism. Eating any food causes an uptick in metabolic rate. This is called the ‘thermic effect of food.’ Thermogenesis from eating throughout the day burns about 10% of our daily calorie intake, which is about 180 calories for a diet of 1800 calories per day.

Integrating metabolism boosting supplement with healthy diet.

Taking supplement is just a good start, but that may be not enough. You have to eat healthy foods to actually boost your metabolism. Don’t think that starving yourself or eating less is going to boost your metabolism; technically speaking, the opposite is true.

Processed foods like breads, pastas and grains can block a properly functioning metabolism. So, here are two steps you need to do:

  • Switching to a whole-food, plant-based diet.
  • Including some (or all!) of these 21 metabolism-boosting foods in your daily diet: almonds, beans, berries, bone broth, celery, chia seeds, chocolate, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, coconut oil, coffee, curry, fish, grapefurit, green tea, hot peppers & jalapenos, lean turkey, seaweed, spinach, watermelon, water.

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