Before and after taking Phentermine pills

Before deciding to take Phentermine, you may want to know what other people have been going through before and after they take the pills for your motivation.

Whether you’re thinking about asking your doctor for phentermine, or already take phentermine, it’s always encouraging to see other people’s before and after progress.

Here we’ve included a selection of real phentermine users talking about their motivations to change, weight loss victories, and some benefits of their now-healthier lifestyles.

The users experiences before and after taking Phentermine pills.

1. Maria Villa. She started (Phentermine) on October 1st 2017, the 1st month she lost 12 pounds, the 2nd month 10. In the last day of her pills, she has lost a total of 33 pounds in 3 months. Her weight when started using it was 349lb now is 316lb.

The 1st week using that medication was horrible, she had headaches and thirsty, very thirsty not hungry at all but thirsty. After the 1st week, she was only thirsty and the headache was gone.

2. Chorna. She started Phentermine 37.5mg on 1/22/2018. Starting weight 230lb, on 1/28/2018 she weighed 219lb. Eleven pounds loss the first week!

She had tons of energy and only had a few side effects the first 3 days. She was doing a low carb diet with her calories at 1.200 a day and she kept her carbs between 20-25. She ate no pasta, bread, added sugar, white rice or potatoes.

3. Lomaira. She is female, her age is 40. Her starting weight 177lb and her current weight 164lb. She took 16mg on an empty stomach in the morning for all day craving control (it lasted through her evening cravings). She got side effects, especially constipation.

Most Phentermine users do report they get significant weight loss. With Phentermine, they have successfully obtained more ideal body than before they take the drug.

However, some of them also get uncomfortable side effects from the use of Phentermine, such as dry mouth, fast heart beat, constipation, etc.

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