Are thermogenic supplements suitable for vegetarians?

Many weight loss products contain animal-based ingredients, not intended for vegetarians. What about thermogenic supplements, are they suitable for vegetarians?

Thermogenic supplements can give you that extra push to reach fat-burning mode. They have certain natural compounds (such as caffeine and green tea extract) to help boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories along with curbing appetite and enhancing your mood.

Those qualities make thermogenic supplements a fantastic addition to any plant-based diet aimed at weight loss: whether the goal is becoming healthier, losing a couple of pounds or shredding down to get a six-pack.

Is there any thermogenic supplement suitable for vegetarians?

Finding a good vegetarian thermogenic supplement can be hard work.

Sneaky animal products such as gelatin finding their way into every supplement, underdosed ingredients and confusing nutrition labels. It’s understandable feeling a bit confused by the vast amount of options.

There are several good thermogenic supplements that can be used by vegetarians. One of the most popular products is Adiphene.

Adiphene is made of 5 different groups of ingredients. In the product they’ve mixed 5 stimulants, 2 thermogenics, a hunger reducer, a fat binder and other fat metabolizers. In total, there are approximately 12 ingredients.

Here are the 5 main ingredients that serve as stimulants:

  • Bitter orange.
  • Chromium picolinate.
  • Guarana extract.
  • Ginseng panax root extract.
  • Cacao extract.

Adiphene contains animal-free ingredients, so it’s perfect for vegetarians or vegans.

Adiphene is expected to help you burn fat 5 times faster than the other supplements sold in the market. The company behind it claims that because the formula combines many different approaches to losing weight, the synergy between the compounds involved start adding up sooner than later and the result is inevitable.