A különbség az oolong tea és zöld tea

A sok fajta teák, zöld tea és az oolong tea két fő típusa van. Ezek sok hasonlóságot és bizonyos különbségek.

A hasonlóságok oolong tea és zöld tea.

  • Minden igaz tea származik ugyanabban az üzemben, így az oolong tea és zöld tea alapvetően ugyanaz.
  • Oolong tea és zöld tea származnak Camellia sinensis növény.
  • Ők a leginkább fogyasztott ital a világon, és jó okkal, hiszen számos egészségügyi előnyökkel jár velük.
  • Mindkét oolong tea és zöld tea tartalmaz katekin és gyulladáscsökkentő polifenolok, jók a testnek.

A különbség az oolong tea és zöld tea.

-Oolong is made by allowing tea leaves to wither and oxidize under strong sunlight. The degree of oxidation can range from 8-85% after which the tea is twisted into long, curly leaves or small beads with a tail.

-Green tea is made by pan-firing or steaming tea leaves – to quicken the heating process – and then drying them. This prevents the leaves from oxidising too much and preserves the fresh flavour of the tea for a long time.

-Oolong is the most diverse of all tea types and its flavours can range from sweet and floral to dark, rich and smoky with base notes of honey and wood. This tea also lacks the astringency of the green tea and is more sublime and intense.

-Green tea, as all weight watchers would know, has a more vegetal and grassy flavour with a slightly astringent and a somewhat bitter undertone. The final tasting notes depend a lot on where the tea came from, its packaging, and its brewing, but as far as taste is concerned the oolong takes this round.

-Green tea is high in a class of antioxidants known as catechins.

-Oolong tea falls in the middle, regarding the antioxidant amounts.

The combination of oolong tea and green tea.

We are not trying to find out the best one among oolong tea and green tea. The both types of tea are already proven good for the human body, they have been consumed for centuries in Asia.

Therefore, the best choice is to blend oolong tea and green tea to get even greater health benefits.

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