невероятни ползи за здравето от KouTea

KouTea е революционен чай за отслабване, която подпомага вашата програма за отслабване, като същевременно ви дава други ползи за здравето.

Ползи за здравето можете да очаквате от KouTea.

KouTea е чисто нов продукт от RDK Global. Този продукт е специална смес от 4 от най-мощните чайове в света. Те са зелен чай, Oolong чай Пу-ер чай и бял чай. Тази мощна комбинация ще работи за:

  • Изгаряне на мазнините.
  • Detox тялото си.
  • Засили вашия метаболизъм.
  • Гориво тялото си с енергия, хранителни съставки и витамини.
  • Бийте свободните радикали.
  • По-ниски нива на холестерол.

Има ли KouTea странични ефекти?

Не – KouTea е здравословен чай, съставен от няколко традиционни чайове.

There are virtually no side effects of KouTea, since it is all natural. The only side effects are those that come from any beverage with caffeine, including difficulty sleeping if taken in the evening and, in rare cases with over-consuming caffeine, heart problems.

How to take KouTea.

KouTea should be used like regular tea, enjoyed in a cup of hot water. It’s suggested that you take 2 cups of KouTea per day, which can be consumed hot or cold at any time of the day.

KouTea pricing.

This is where KouTea might raise some eyebrows. It is not a $5 for 20 packet product, unfortunately. A one month supply of KouTea will cost $34.95, making it noticeably more expensive on the whole.

The price does come down significantly in bulk, thankfully. Purchasing a 3 month supply will get you a 4th box for free, which drops the overall price to just over $26 per month. At this price, KouTea is actually comparable to gourmet teas on the market, that aren’t formulated with weight loss properties in mind.

KouTea review summary.

KouTea makes the whole process of losing weight and getting healthier much, much easier.

Drinking the brew daily is the fastest way to getting the body that most people dream of, but weight loss won’t be the only benefit.

Because of all the health benefits inherently included in this tea, consumers will be on the fast track to living a healthier and happier life if they decide to purchase it.