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What is HGH

Human Growth HormonBuy HGHe (HGH) is a hormone secreted by the protein-based and Hiposfisis. The pituitary gland is a gland that produces HGH. This hormone is responsible for cell growth and regeneration.

Many people buy HGH supplements for fat removal because one of the functions of HGH is to transform fat into energy. By taking these hormones then improve muscle growth, you will have a slender body and ideal, healthier skin, muscle repair, clarity of mind, increased energy, and prevent premature aging.

Benefits of HGH

– Increase protein synthesis and new tissue, recovery and muscle repair.

– Change the fat into energy.

– The body becomes lean and ideal.

– Improves sleep patterns.

– Increase energy and stamina.

– Improving sexual performance.

– Build strong bones.

– Improving the health of the heart and kidneys.

HGH Side Effects

– Hypertension and heart attacks.

– Early Osteoarthritis.

– Muscle pain, joint pain and bone.

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